Lachie McColl

Lachlan McColl

Lachie McColl

Lachie has more than 10 years’ full-time business valuations experience. He personally and passionately believes that all private businesses, particularly those with a value of between $2 million and $10 million should obtain regular valuations. “This is good business practice and a small investment to monitor the performance of your biggest asset.”

Lachie believes regular valuations help measure the impact of business decisions, manage wealth, establish prices for internal transactions and create a focus on developing value. “Much like your financial planner or share portfolio, you want to know the performance of your investments. Your business often represents a large proportion of your wealth. Without regular valuations, how do you know how your investment is performing?”

Lachie has worked with a range of businesses and industry sectors – micro, small, medium, large and ASX listed, and valued more than $1 billion in business between 2011 and 2016. He was one of the first accredited business valuation specialists in Australia, and is also a lecturer and tutor for Kaplan business valuations subjects.

Please call Lachie directly to discuss your business valuation needs. He understands that small businesses don’t have an endless supply of cash and that undertaking a valuation is an investment, so choose carefully.