Independent business valuations, Geelong

Knowing the value of your business, and how to increase its value, will have you better positioned for future growth.

Through our business valuation services at Value ADE, we can not only provide Geelong business appraisal services, but also show you how to develop business value and educate business owners on how.

We have wide-ranging experience delivering business valuation services to a vast array of industries, business types and sizes. Value ADE can provide business valuations to small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs), corporate organisations, banks, lawyers and accountants.

At Value ADE, we understand what it’s like on run a business to a budget. Therefore, our business valuation services will not break the bank. Please contact us to discuss your situation on a no-obligation and confidential basis.


At Value ADE we provide independent valuation services for business owners seeking to identify, understand value and develop value. Our expertise and experience spans more than a decade across industry sectors, business sizes and business types, including valuations for SMEs and business owners, corporate organisations, banks, lawyers and accountants. Understanding the value of your business is...

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As part of Value ADE’s specialised business valuation services, we assist business owners in understanding and developing the value of their operation. We want to ensure clients have the tools and knowledge to continue to improve their business value, manage business risk and maximise profit. Understanding the value of your business and improving its value...

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At Value ADE we don’t aim to simply offer business valuation services. We also believe it is crucial to empower and educate people in business about finding the value in their operations or enterprises and maximising that value. We offer professional training, presentations and short courses for corporate organisations, education providers, professional bodies and anyone...

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