Developing value

As part of Value ADE’s specialised business valuation services, we assist business owners in understanding and developing the value of their operation. We want to ensure clients have the tools and knowledge to continue to improve their business value, manage business risk and maximise profit.

Understanding the value of your business and improving its value is vital for making decisions and monitoring the performance of your greatest asset. You would ask your financial advisor for their performance, so why not do the same with your business? Have Value ADE undertake a business valuation to give you a starting point for developing your business value.

Value ADE has developed a range of  services aimed at improving business value, business risk management and business profit maximisation.

Having a business appraisal to establish the value of your business is often the best first step, and this will give you a benchmark for measurement later. Value ADE can assist with identifying key drivers of value to help with decision making and establishing your hurdle rate of return for making investments, such as new equipment.

Calculating your economic profit is another key step in Value ADE’s business valuation process that will help educate business owners about their business value. We will assist with developing strategies to minimise risk in your business, reviewing shareholder value added, creating plain English exit clauses in your shareholder agreements and, over time, unlocking the wealth trapped in your business.

At Value ADE, we don’t just focus on your profitability when to comes to our business appraisal services and business valuations – that is only half the story.

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